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Things to Do While Camping in Morro Bay, California

Discover nature at its best in this charismatic coastal city in California. Enjoy camping, bird watching, and relaxing on the Morro Bay beach.
Meenakshi Sutar
Morro Rock Beach
Witness the miracle of nature, an ancient volcanic rock formed by magma at the entrance of Morro Bay harbor.
This 576-feet tall crown-shaped rock forms the last peak of the Nine Sisters volcanic arc.
The sandy dunes and a beautiful beach make it a favorite destination for photo sessions and celebration events.
Morro Bay State Park
Spend your weekend holiday in this beautiful Morro Bay State Park with panoramic views of the beach. Enjoy camping on the nice campground and bird watching.
Anchor Memorial Park
Visit this charming park with picturesque bay views that would mesmerize you. The park also features newly installed marine style wooden benches, a drinking fountain, and oval picnic tables.
Bayshore Bluffs Park
Enjoy strolling through the beautiful natural meadow spread over 3.2 acres that has adorned with eye-catchy scenery around that pleases you from within.
Also, an arch formed by the unique Monterey Cypress across the pathway fascinates people of all ages.
City Park
Visit City Park that is loaded with many attractions such as basketball court, picnic tables, benches, and a drinking fountain.
Kids also can have great fun in the play area with arch swing, twisting tube slide, and a climbing structure.
Cloisters Park
Cloisters Park is a one-of-its-kind park that features a wetland area and beach access to the north and south. The park without trees has children’s play area, picnic tables, and pedestal barbecues.
Morro Strand State Beach
Beach lovers would love visiting this famous coastal facing park on Estero Bay that features the Morro Strand Trail and picnic sites. A nice place for Fishing, windsurfing, beach walking and jogging.
Morro Bay Maritime Museum
Enjoy exploring this small but interesting maritime museum with well-preserved artifacts. The museum reveals the strong maritime history of California.
Nothing in the world can compare to the joy and relaxation we get in the company of nature. Morro Bay gives us the much-needed tranquility we seek while facing our daily chaos.