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10 Things to Do While Camping in Page, Arizona

Ronak Shah
The Colorado waterway is an impeccable stream to go for boating that will take you to petroglyphs, different out of control fire and horseshoe bend.
Antelope canyon is the most dazzling photographic spot for the light shafts. Here you will wonder about the miracles of nature.
Insta-worthy Canyon
Horseshoe Bend
Horseshoe Bend is a great milestone, where one can remain on the edge of the post point and soak into great views.
The Glen Canyon Dam was made to harness the power of Colorado river. It can prove to be a grwat spot for camping.
Glen Canyon
Rainbow Bridge
You can visit Rainbow Bridge National Monument, when in Page, to witness one of the world's highest natural bridge.
Lake Powell
Lake Powell is a beautiful spot to take a view of the nature, which is the second-largest reservoir in the US.
Lee's Ferry
Lee's Ferry is located between Paria, Marble, and Glen canyon. It is a natural corridor located between Arizona and Utah.
Rim View Trail
Rim View Trail goes all around Page, appropriate for an amateur on a bicycle or for a stroll.
Vermilion Cliffs
With over 20 species of raptors, the Vermilion Cliffs are the best places to take a view of the sunset.
Water Holes Canyon
Take a two-hour hike at the Water Holes Canyon, and embrace the beauty of these naturally-formed structures.