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Things to Take With You for Paddle Boarding

If you are planning on an adventurous SUP touring section, learn what you should bring to the adventure here, to make the journey more enjoyable.
Joe Parker

Necessary Gears and Accessories

In a SUP journey, basic equipment is important. If you are paddling on an inflatable paddle board, you should bring a pump or inflate it before taking off.
There are boards that feature a detachable fin, remember to take it with you and put it on. The fin will increase the maneuverability of the board significantly. Also, have the leash attached to your leg.

First-Aid Kit

Medical items can come in handy at any time. There's no guarantee what's going to happen during your paddle boarding journey. So, take a first-aid kit with you.
Remember to put everything needed in it before setting off. You can also consider bringing a rescue whistle to get help when needed.

Personal Stuff

Consider bringing some personal stuff like wet suits, towels, and toiletries. They would be useful if you plan on a long distance paddle boarding session or going camping afterward. Bring hiking boots if you intend to go hiking after the SUP session.

Water and Food

You are going to get hungry or thirsty during a long-distance paddleboarding trip. Therefore, pack sufficient food and drinks with you. If you are going camping as well, consider bringing a fire starter for starting a fire when needed. If you intend to cook by yourself, remember to bring necessary tools like the whole cook set.

Toys for Your Kids

If you are bringing your kids on board, bring toys or other belongings to keep them entertained. Another option is getting your kids their own SUP board.

Necessary Field Equipments

Before starting your SUP trip, remember to bring along the things that can help make the trip easier, like a compass and a map of the target area. If you are paddling into the night you would need a headlamp or a lantern for lighting.