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Thrilling Things to Do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Bucket lists come alive here!
Vageesha Mishra
Jackson Hole is a valley in Wyoming, United States. Quite a treat for the adrenaline junkies, as exquisite range of adventurous activities happen here year-round.
Jackson, a town in the Jackson Hole valley is where resorts are usually booked by people to embark on an adventure loaded journey!
The activities differ according to the seasons.
Rugged terrains and jaw-dropping views greet adventurers when they explore the hiking trails of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park.
Hiking and Rock Climbing
Not up for hiking? Browse through touring packages offered by resorts with alternatives like rock climbing, horseback riding and mountain biking.
Brave the iconic rapids of Snake River when river rafting in Wyoming. Also, try the popular fly fishing by either acquiring self-fishing tools or hiring a guide.
River Rafting
Catch a safari ride to witness the diverse wilderness here. Guided tours of national parks and National Elk Refuge come in handy for this.
Safari and Wildlife Activities
Animals like bison, elk, moose and many more can be spotted in their natural habitat. For more thrill, you can rent a UTV to explore the backcountry!
Shooting activities are offered to thrill seekers in the valley. For enhanced and safe shooting experience, instructors come along too.
Adventurers glide through the sky by boarding an Ariel tram from Teton Village, close to downtown Jackson. The ride throws spellbinding overview of the valley.
Cannot Miss the Skies
At many different places, hot air balloon ride and paragliding sports are also provided to the visitors for the overviews.
You can do camping in the Granite Creek Campground, existing south of Jackson. To unwind, people often soak themselves in the nearby Granite Hot Springs.
Adrenaline junkies flock to Jackson Hole in winters to experience terrific sports.
You can have an ecstatic skiing experience at any skiing resort here. Both gentle and dangerous slopes are offered to skiers.
It is a much-loved activity here throwing pristine views of snow-covered stunning sceneries. The guides give company and informative doses on the local ecology.
Cross Country Skiing
Amidst the many visited parks and woods, Grand Teton National Park is frequented by many for this purpose.
Make a lifetime memory! Get on a sleigh ride in the National Elk Refuge to spot some Elk for dreamy feels. This can also be availed at some parks and mountains.
Sleigh Rides
If you want an easier option, board a snowmobile to explore the snow dripping backcountry, parks and mountains in utter comfort.
That is not all folks, you can dive into some more fun activities such as snow tubing, snowshoeing and dog sleighing rides!
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