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Tips for Camping in the Rain

Divya Bichu
Does camping in the rain sound awful to you? not really... you can choose to be wet and miserable, or accept it as a part of camping and rather enjoy it.
Nobody likes if it rains when planning for outdoor camps. In fact, we cancel or reschedule camping trips due to rain. However, what do you do if it rains when you are already camping. Crib about the rain? Have you tried listening to the melodious sound that rain creates when raindrops hit the tent, the smell of the earth when it rains.
Imagine just sitting by the tent door watching the rain and sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee. You are liking it, aren't you? Well that's not all, snuggling in your bed in a cozy blanket at night is all the more fun when it is pouring outside. Let's look at the silver lining in the dark cloud and enjoy the camping experience, whether it is raining or not.

Camping in the Rain

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How to make your tent rain proof?

● Begin with choosing an elevated spot on your camp ground to set up your tent. This will avoid water clogging. Whenever you go camping, invariably, carry big tarps. If you are a regular camper, it is recommended you invest in these tarps which are well-made and worth every penny you spend on them.
Before you set up your tent, lay the tarp underneath your tent. Make sure you have sealed the tarp properly to avoid rainwater from seeping in.

● Get another tarp out and rope it to the trees or using poles. This time around, set up your tarp covering a larger area.
Make sure you set up the tarp in such a way that it facilitates the rain to run off and simply not clog water above the roof. Once your tarp is set, go ahead and set your tent right underneath the tarp, your tent will stay dry and you can enjoy camping without cribbing about the rain.

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● A few even recommend digging a ditch around your tent to give way to the rainwater, however personally it is not really recommended because it just messes up the place around the tent. Lastly, remember to seal all the loops (if any), yet check for adequate ventilation.

Carrying The Right Gear

● A good quality jacket and rain coat are an essential part of any rain camping trip. Consider buying plastic ponchos, they cost peanuts and you will be surprised to see how useful they are.
● Although cotton clothes are everybody's favorite when on a trip, here it is necessary you avoid them, as they are worst to handle when wet. Go in for clothes which are warm, comfortable and breathable. The point is warm and wet is better than wet and cold.
● Remember to carry all your belongings in a waterproof bag, just in case everything in the tent gets wet due to some terrible misfortune.

● Do not forget to carry your gloves and leg warmers. You can wear them to keep yourself warm at night, since it is very likely for the temperature to drop at nights during the rains.
● Carry flip-flops or easy slip-ons and consider leaving them outside the tent, if you do not want to mess up the place in the tent. Rubber boots are the best option.

● Do not forget to carry plenty of plastic bags, as they allow you to store your soiled or wet clothes and carry them back home without dirtying your backpack.

Interesting Things To Do at the Camp

● It is up to you to decide whether you are going to sit cribbing about the rains or make the best of this situation.

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● If you are camping with your family, you get to spend some quality time together. Carry plenty of games, books, craft material if you have a crafty nature, or a pack of playing cards.
Have you ever considered playing a card game with your family? It is fun and all the more if you cheat.

● As far as possible, avoid carrying gadgets like your laptop, or iPod; the rains can damage these gadgets.
● The climate, after the rain subsides, is amazing, opt for a campfire. Carry a few sticks of wood or coal and enjoy the warmth of the fire in the chilling weather.
● After enjoying the bonfire, snuggle into your sleeping bags listening to the sound of rain drops hitting the tarp. Remember to keep yourself warm, especially at night.
So, the next time you go camping in the rains you know what you have to do, right? Don't let the rains bring an end to the adventure, but consider it to be a part of your camp and enjoy it guys; it will only add to your camping experience and create fantastic memories you will want to share later!