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15 Quick Tips for Hiking to Havasu Falls

Swarali Jambhale
A desert oasis amidst the Grand Canyon sits hidden! The aqua-blue waterfall spilling over the reddish-orange cliff is so enticing and eye-pleasing that a hike there is just worth it!

1 . When to Go

Spring or fall season is the best time to visit Havasu Falls.

2 . Why Visit Havasu?

For the thrill in the hike, the scenic beauty around and the distinct blue-green color of the water.

3 . Don't forget the Permit!

Getting a permit is a task but also inevitable.

4 . Don’t Day Hike to Havasu Falls

There are sign boards yelling about this all along the trail! If you day-hike you’ll ruin the trip.

5 . Those 10 miles are Mesmerizing!

For adept trekkers it’s 3-5 hours and for newbies it’s 6-8 hours, so a day’s hike would not be wise.

6 . Rules Keep Changing

Just go through the tribal website before booking.

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7. Take Time Out

2 nights and 3 days at least, would be perfect to really enjoy!

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8 . Invest in a Hiking Gear

Apart from the daily items, have water shoes and a sleeping bag in your backpack.

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9 . Have Plenty of Water

You are hiking in a desert! So don't forget to have enough water.

10 . Carry a First Aid Kit

These certifications to your hike are worth it! But carry blister pads and a first-aid kit.

11 . Probably the Best Falls to Swim

After all the hard work, just go dip into the turquoise blue waters!

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12 . A Mule to Carry Your Bags

Hire a mule that carries 4 bags at a time that will do some monetary benefits to the mule owners and make the hike less tiring.

13 . Drone View of the Falls

Take a helicopter ride for an amazing aerial view of the falls. Book the ride well in advance, as locals have the first dibs on the chopper!

14 . Stay at a Lodge

If you're not camping on the camping grounds of Havasu Falls, stay at a lodge in the village about 2 km from the falls.

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15 . Just Extend it 4 miles Further

And you’ll get to the Beaver Falls.