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Tips for Paddle Boarding Like a Pro

Joe Parker
Paddle boarding is a sport that people of all ages and skill levels can do as the basic skills are easy to master. But if you want to be better at the sport, here are few things you need to know to paddleboard like a professional paddler.

Exercise your body

If you want to progress in your paddling skills, there are a few criteria you should meet, the first one being having a strong body for intensive paddle boarding.

Paddlers typically have a high endurance level to ensure they can paddle for a long time. Before trying to learn advanced paddling skills, prepare your body by exercising.

Buy a SUP suited to your needs

There are various kinds of SUPs and they are for different people. To advance your paddle boarding skills, you need to get an inflatable SUP that's most suitable for your height and your skill level.

Learn to stroke

The way you perform a stroke sets you and professional paddlers apart. Stroking correctly can make you travel more efficiently on the water.
Other than the basic stroke to propel the board forward, you should also learn how to turn and steer yourself to the direction you wish to go. Search for the right paddling skills and practice them.

Learn how to stand on the SUP correctly

Standing on the board steadily can be tricky for beginners. But with time  it will get easier. Moving from calm water to whitewater or the ocean, you will encounter more difficulty.

More advanced skills in balancing will be needed along with a lot of practice to become a pro.