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Tips to Buy Kids Sleeping Bag

Khushnuma Irani
Slumber parties, stay overs, and camping trips, all require sleeping bags. While there are innumerable designs available for children, choosing the right one is necessary in terms of comfort. Read to know more.
All children need sleeping bags for slumber parties, for staying overnight with relatives, or when they go for camps and outdoor activities. These bags are especially necessary during the holiday season. When you are buying one for an adult, you usually check for the right size, with consideration to the temperature rating.
However, when you choose one for kids, you have to give the highest importance to the design. Girls and boys idolize different characters like Barbie and the Hulk, and want such designs on their sleeping bags. If your child idolizes a particular character, then your job of finding a bag becomes a tad easy.

Tips for Choosing these Bags


If your child is a toddler or a teen, finding the correct-sized bag may take a bit more time. You don't want a bag that your child slips or slides through. Bags for kids of these ages are commonly known as 'slumber bags'.
Hence, ask for these when you go shopping. Also, remember that your child will grow in height and also need room for extra clothing and blankets in the cold months. So, picking the right size is important. Otherwise, you may have to shop for a new one very soon, when the current one becomes too small or snug for your child.

Temperature Rating

Select a bag depending on what kind of use your child is going to get out of it. If your child is only going to use it indoors or in warm temperatures, then it is best to opt for a slumber bag, which focuses more on comfort rather than temperature.
If your child is going to be camping or using it outdoors, then you will need one with temperature ratings that adjust to winter and fall seasons. The only problem with a temperature rated one is that it may be too warm to use in the summer. Take all these things into consideration while selecting one.


The design can be the most important thing from a kid's point of view. These bags come in a variety of designs like butterflies, ladybugs, reptiles, cowboys, dinosaurs, popular celebrities, pop bands, Harry Potter characters, and many more.
You can also get different shapes like gloves, teddy bears, footballs, or space shuttles. There are also ones which come without zippers. You can even personalize the bag with your child's name printed on it.
When it finally comes to buying a sleeping bag, choose one that is comfortable and safe for your child to use. Also, try to have fun while shopping for it.