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Tips You Should Know for Paddle Boarding at Night

Joe Parker
Paddle boarding is the kind of sport that can be done at anytime. Most people would prefer to do it during daytime, but there are those who want to take a different path and do it at night. It's a fun way to do paddle boarding. But it could be dangerous if you are not prepared. Here are some night paddle boarding tips for those who want to give this a try.

Ensure Good Lighting

It goes without saying that you will be in poor lighting conditions and that would make paddle boarding much harder since you can't see clearly what's around you. So it's important to make sure you can see through the dark. A flashlight or a lantern should be sufficient. Avoid using extremely bright lights since it could get in the way of other vessels.

Make a Plan

When going on a risky activity like paddle boarding at night, planning in advance is necessary. Plan your routes and have an estimate of how long you want the trip to last and when to return to avoid losing track of time. And study the place you are paddling at, like tides and wind directions.

Choose the Right Destination

Night paddle boarding is not like a normal paddle boarding trip. So you need to take a lot more things into consideration when choosing a place for it. An appropriate choice would be a calm bay or a lake. And check if the place you choose have hourly restrictions before you go.

Only Bring Necessary Stuff

There's no need to pack all the stuff you need for daytime paddling on a night paddle boarding trip. Just pack some important items like a real-life vest, torch, insect repellent, etc.

Don’t Go by Yourself

As adventurous as paddle boarding at night is, it's really not a good idea to go by yourself. Always bring a friend along with you when going paddle boarding at night. You'll have someone to look out for you during the trip. And paddle boarding is more fun with company.

Check Your Board

Check if your stand up paddle board is in good condition, especially when you are using an inflatable SUP board. Make sure your board is air-tight and inflated to a proper PSI. If you are a rookie, go get yourself a reliable paddle board from brands like redpaddle or Goosehill. A good standup paddle board would make the sport easier and more enjoyable.