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Top Adventures in Belluno, Italy

As they say, the best view comes after the hardest climbs... so is adventure whose pleasure is derived by moving out of the comfort zone!
Ruchira Joshi
Belluno city is located on River Piave and is one of three Dolomite regions of eastern Italy mountainous ranges. It is known for its alpines, history, vegetation, and picturesque views. If adventure is what you are looking for, your search ends here as this is a second home for hikers.
Belluno, Italy
Hiking : The Adventurers Spree
Dolomite mountain climbing is a fascinating experience and key attraction for hikers.
You may walk or rent a bicycle to reach the peaks while encountering the alluring flora and fauna of the region.
Parks along the way to the top shapes the journey exhilarating...
  • The Three Peaks Nature Park
  • Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park
  • The National Park Dolomites of Belluno
  • Pónt de la Mortìs
  • Bau Park
  • Riserva naturale Monte Faverghera
  • Camping Nevegal
They are Monte Schiara, Piz Boe, Rifugio Col Visentin which are the prototypical trekking routes of hikers. Also the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Pelmo, the Marmolada and the Tofane are significant mountain ranges.
Some prominent peaks will induce thrill in your excursion...
The best part of these mountain treks is that it can be carried out by all age groups. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the local cuisine.
Canyoning - An Experience of Lifetime
Exploring the mountains with thrill in mind, as canyoning awaits you for a gasping experience. An escapade that will chill your spine. This surely is a not to miss part of Dolomite trip.
River Rafting - A Game For Fearless
You don't fear water and want to taste its adventures....then river rafting is just your thing. Explore the waterways and bring out the daredevil inside you. Its a water sport which every brave heart will take up.
Skiing & Bike Safari: 
A Blanket of White Snow Covers the Dolomites in Winters. 

A dazzling experience of Skiing in the midst of the pearl alps of Italy will magnetize you. The arrangements are safe and people-friendly.
Various mountain huts and delicious recipes, offers with rich food culture. Sunrise and sunsets are worth a watch! The slope and lift network is smooth and fabulous for novices.
Cableway  Ride
Fill your trip with yet another exciting part of the Dolomites, the cableway ride.
These rides are available in every season. Grab a ticket as you reach Belluno because you might have to wait for your turn.
In summers, you can enjoy the scenic view of them.
In fall, the cable way rides gives a magnificient view from the top of snow packed mountains.
But, it has other shades to offer as well  i.e its adventurous side. Belluno province of dolomite has many such things to offer for audacious souls.
When the word Italy comes to mind, it automates itself to the thoughts of lush green mountains, preserved culture, and ethic propensity.