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Top 10 ATV Trails in USA - Get Off the Road

Chaitra Suraj Saxena
There is no feeling better than tearing through trails and finding pristine lakes, unexplored locations and astounding sights. If you like to go off the track often, you should check out the ATV trails in USA.
Here’s a list of top 10 ATV trails in USA for those who like to take on mud and rough terrains and get close to nature.
Moab is one of the most popular ATV trails in USA. It is much loved for its expansive red rock trails, spectacular views of the desert and hundreds of miles of OHV Trails and BLM Lands.
1. Moab, Utah
Imeprial Sand Dunes are also known as the Glamis and are located in the southernmost section of California. This ATV trail provides 20,000 acres for off-roading with dunes going as high as high as 300 feet.
2. Imperial Sand Dunes, California
National Forest in Idaho has hundreds of miles of ATV trails. If you are looking to go off the road with beautiful views and awesome camping experience, this ATV trail is the best option for you.
3. Sawtooth National Forest, Sawtooth
Moro Plantation has various terrains with different difficulty levels and a chance of rendezvous with local wildlife. This place offers more than 1,000 miles of trails.
4. Moro Plantation, Northern Maine
At Ride Royal Blue Resort, you can find privately owned trails. It is one of the best UTV destinations in the country with 600 miles of trails complete with waterfalls and wildlife.
5. Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee
Spider Lake trail offers 29 miles through Foot Hills State Forest. This popular atv trail in Minnesota is loved for its different terrains that go from sandy to rough and rocky around lakes, ridges and slopes.
6. Spider Lake, Minnesota
Hidden Falls Adventure Park is a heaven for off-roaders. Here, you will find 240 miles of trails with different difficulty ratings. This adventure park offers everything from soft packed dirt trails to solid rock sections.
7. Marble Falls, Texas
Joe State Park has 2,000 acres of trails among beautiful flatlands, play areas and hills. You can enjoy water crossings and steep inclines here. There is also space for camping. 
8. Joe State Park, Missouri
Oceano Dunes are also known as Pisma Beach and are home to 1500 acres of open space for off roading. This is a wonderful family destination where you also camp on the grounds, go fishing and enjoy a swim. 
9. Oceano, California
10. Hatfield McCoy Trails, West Virginia
Rocky Gap Trail is one of the most popular atv trails in PA, situated in the Alleghany National Forest. It offers 23.1 miles trail divided into two loops. Both the loops are one way and are for experienced riders because of steep side slopes.
• Always drive at the recommended speed.
• Wear a DOT compliant helmet along with goggles, clothes that offer full coverage and over-the ankle boots and gloves.
 • Strictly adhere to the rules set by the local governing body.
 • Establish ground rules when riding in a group. 
Safety Tips 
• Choose the right vehicle according to terrain and skills.
• Never ride an ATV under the influence of alcohol.
• Do not allow a passenger on the ATV if the vehicle design doesn’t permit that.