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Top 10 Destinations for Trail Running in the US

Tanaya Navalkar
Most of the fitness freaks seek physical challenges, which is why they leave the pavements and head to some natural trails to enjoy the lush green environment, fresh air, and some scenic views. If you too are looking for some escape routes from the urban jungle; then take a look at the best places for trail running in the US.

Did You Know?

The fastest-known time for spanning the entire Appalachian Trail, which is 2,181 miles, is 46 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes. This record was set by Jennifer Pharr Davis, in 2011.
In the era of junk food and expanding waistlines, health is something that is being ignored the most, resulting in a number of health problems. No matter where you live, you will always come across some good and accessible trails nearby.
Trail running is something that is becoming popular among the youth these days. It allows you to enjoy the beautiful nature along with some excellent workout. You will enjoy it even more if you are the adventurous kinds. You'll never get bored and feel as if you are working out intensely.
You can simply take a walk in these jungles or by seashore, and feel good about it. In the sections below, we will tell you about the best destinations for trail running.

Best Places for Trail Running in the US

Mckenzie River Trail, Eugene, Oregon

The twisties of this 27-mile trail follow the Mckenzie River through a majestic forest and mountains. This trail includes smooth tracks, log bridges, sharp turns, and steep climbs as well that wind past waterfalls, old-growth trees, and rocky lava flows.
It is also considered as one of the best trails in this city for running. It is also one of the favorites with mountain bikers.

Kalalau Trail, Kauai, Hawaii

It is an 11-mile trail in the island of Kauai in Hawaii, that starts at Ke'e Beach and ends at Kalalau Beach.
It offers towering sea cliffs, lush valleys, trees, sand beaches, and even ancient ruins. The cliff sides there are certainly not meant for the faint-hearted or those who have a fear of heights.

Appalachian Trail, Maine

This trail spans 2,181 miles from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, Maine. It passes through 14 states, and is one of the most celebrated trails in America.
The runners, bikers, and hikers passing along this trail get to see some incredible flora and fauna. It is also a popular destination in the bucket list of all ultrarunners.

Mesa Trail, Boulder, Colorado

Also known as the Running Republic of Boulder, this trail has more than 200 miles of routes right outside the city.
The favorite trail of the locals there is the seven-mile Mesa Trail. It connects several other trails. If you want to enjoy the amazing view of the whole city below, then head to the 8,144-feet Green Mountain or Bear Peak that is 8,461 feet.

Dale Ball Trails, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Dale Ball Trail is 30 miles long lined with juniper, pinyon pine, and mountain cedar trees. The surface is a mixture of hard rock and soft surfaces. The terrains here are easy to difficult. The locals there like to engage in some steep running at times on both kinds of surfaces.

Potawatomi Trail, Ann Arbor, Michigan

This single-track trail is 17.5 miles long and is situated 20 minutes northwest of Ann Arbor.
It is full of twists and turns around lakes, creek crossings, and steep climbs, and passes through lush green forests and high ridges. It is known for some of the best trail races and marathons that are held there.

Shut-In Trail, Asheville, North Carolina

This 18-mile trail was built in the late 1890s, and now has become a favorite route among passionate off-road runners in Asheville. It was named so because of the "shut-in" feeling that a runner gets when he travels through the tunnels of rhododendron and mountain laurel during the summer months.

Nashville, Tennessee

You won't have to make much efforts to find trails in this city that has many federal parks surrounding it. If you are confused where to head first, then we recommend the Warner Park Trails System. It has nine color-coded trails that range from 150 yards to 4.5 miles. If you love challenges, then try yellow, red, blue, and white trails.

Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is known for soft-surface beachfront trails that pass between and around four lakes. Those who don't mind driving down a little distance, there is The Ice Age National Scenic Trail that is 1,200 miles long, out of which 650 miles are off-road!
There are many streams, valleys, ridges, and hills that will keep you on your toes and running all the time. If you want to set a new record in running the entire trail, then try beating 22 days and 6 hours!

New York

Of course you read that correctly! New York itself consists of a number of trails within the Central Park alone. The other parks too consist of soft-surface trails.
Another popular trail is the Finger Lakes Trail that offers more than 950 miles of routes. The best trail for the locals there would be Finger Lakes National Forest that is around 30 miles long. Go 20 miles downtown and you'll find some tough trail running.
So, these were some of the great places for trail running in the USA. Apart from all these, the most popular and challenging one is the Grand Canyon. And there's no better way to explore this than by going trail running.
What do you prefer? Dusty canyons? Mighty mountains? Meadows and forests? Beaches? Also, let us know about your favorite places for trail running by adding them in the comments section below. Happy running!