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Top Hiking Spots in Utah

Soak in the adventure.
Chaitrali Datar
  • Situated in western United States,  Utah has an impressive topography.
  • Mountains, deserts and forests are the main-stay of the geography.
National and State Parks adorn the border of the city with plenty of hiking expeditions to undertake
We take a look at some of the best hiking trails in Utah.
Delicate Arch Trail
  • One of the most famous hiking trails in Utah, it is located in Arches National Park in the town of Moab.
  • It is a total of a 3 mile round trip hike.
  • Your hike begins from a smooth stone ledge with beautiful mountains in the distance.
  • The route gradually becomes steeper.
As you gradually descend upwards you will come across the stunning view of the Arch. It will surely be a sight to behold.
A full picture of the Arch
Angel's Landing, Zion National Park
  • One of the most iconic trails in Utah, it has impressive rock structures perfect for an adventurous hike.
  • It begins from the Grotto Tail head-Zion Canyon.
  • The trail begins with a narrow ridge with cliff views on either side.
  • There are protective barriers however to protect the hikers.
Upon reaching the top you can be rest assured of the outstanding views which Angel's Landing is known for.
  • Please keep in mind this hike will require stamina and endurance as it has got quite a difficult climb.
  • Do not attempt if you have fear of height, have any heart ailments and do consult a guide beforehand.
Pfeiffer Horn Trail, Wasatch Mountain Range
  • One of the most scenic hikes in Utah, you will witness the most gorgeous scenery around.
  • The trail begins from the Atlas Ski Area.
The trail up requires certain amount of climbing and passing a ridgeline.
Along the hike, you will pass through the Red Pine Lake, a popular destination in Wasatch.
Once you reach the peak, you will have some of the most outstanding views of the valley.
Diamond Fork Hot Springs Trail, Springville
  • Do you want to enjoy the vicinity of the nature with a relatively relaxing hike?
  • Then this trail is just perfect for you.
The hike itself starts along a river and is one of the most enjoyable hikes with the least difficulty level.
And before you know it, you will soon come across the highlight of the hike! Naturally heated pools, surrounded by the Canyon walls!
Bell Canyon Trail, Hanksville
  • Experience the best of greenery and waterfalls on this trail.
  • It begins from the East side of the valley, and does not require any special hiking gear.
  • You can start from the Wastach Blvd. where it runs past a scenic reservoir, ultimately reaching a beautiful waterfall.
  • On the way you catch a view of the Salt Lake Valley.
The Beautiful Salt Lake Valley
The Narrows, Zion National Park
  • A must-visit on your list if your are hiking in Utah.
  • It is full of exciting canyons and hikers will need to take a walk through a river.
The crisscross curves of the canyon are enough to mesmerize you as you witness a natural wonder!
  • Please keep in mind, since a river hike is involved this expedition is seasonal.
  • You need to check the water-levels and ensure they are moderate.
There are chances you may witness these on your way to the park! Kindly do not bother them.
Mount Timpanogos, Wasatch Mountain Range
  • Situated in the Wasatch Range, this hike is well-known for its mountain range and scenic views.
  • The hike is a bit tough one but enjoyable.
You can also do this as an overnight hike as the climb is a bit strenuous, however you can also do this as an entire day hike.
Along this hike you will come across some beautiful wildlife flowers and mountain goats!
Precautions to take while hiking in Utah
  • Do carry with you sufficient water and energy drinks.
  • You will face sometimes with challenging conditions especially while going from the lower to higher peaks.
  • A sunscreen, a big hat, and some ready to eat snacks are a must.
  • Do no exert yourself too much. Enjoy at your own pace.