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Top Hiking Trails in Arizona

A perfect adventure awaits you!
Chaitrali Datar
  • Situated in SW United States, Arizona is the sixth largest state in the US.
  • It has an impressive and diverse topography perfect for hiking.
Arizona is an interesting mix of canyons, mesas, volcanos, and amazing rock formations.
Top Hiking Trails in Arizona
The Grand Canyon National Park
  • The sheer size, popularity, the majestic rock formations and the combination of geology makes it the topmost trails in Arizona.
  • We take a look at the hiking trails in Grand Canyon.
The Trail of Time, South Rim
  • This is a 1.3 mile long walk from the Yavapai Point, then the Geology Museum and then the Verkamp visitor center.
You can also  read the Canyon's geological history along the way.
Do not forget your cameras, as you will witness stunning views of the Canyon from the South Rim.
Bright Angel Trail
  • Are you ready for more than just a day's hike? Then this is the trail for you.
  • It begins from the edge of the South Rim towards the end of the Canyon.
You can hike right till the Colorado river, which will require a break in the day. Else, there are also other various small hiking destinations on the way.
  • This is a relatively steep hike and certainly not for the one having fear of heights.
  • ¬†Along with some amount of endurance needed.
  • Do check it before hand.
But the experience will certainly be rewarding!!!
Northern Arizona
  • The perfect place for hiking, all the year round.
  • It is an interesting mixture of pine forests, alpine peaks, red rocks, streams and isolated springs.
The Kachina Trail, Flagstaff Area
  • You can witness a beautiful forest scenery once atop this trail.
  • It is one of the easiest trails around 10 km long and starts from the snow bowl ski area.
The trail traverses through beautiful pines, soothing greenery and calm meadows.
Hiking the Kachina Trail
Lava Flow Trail, Sunset Crater Volcano
  • Experience a stunning scenery on the Lava Flow trail.
  • It begins from the Black Lava Island and features two loops.
The trail is paved with greenery and descends into the Lava Flow down the base of the Sunset crater.
Witness the majestic crater once you reach down!
Central Arizona
  • This place is home to beautiful mountains , basins, and the Phoenix Metropolitan area.
  • A huge transition in the topography is the Sonoran Desert.
Horseshoe Loop, McDowell Sonoran Preserve
  • This is a combination of interesting trails, which starts at the gateway trailhead and features amazing views of the Sonoran desert.
Begin your hike with the gateway trailhead where you can see the start of Sonoran Desert.
As you move ahead, you will witness desert shrubs, saguaros and other desert cacti
The Beautiful Sonoran Desert!
Hikers taking the Horseshoe Loop, then proceeding on the Gateway Loop Trail
Treasure Loop Trail
This trail begins at the end of the Superstition Mountain and is a easy trail with beautiful rock formations.
In the middle of the trail, you will pass through desert vegetation and some arid land.
Hiking the Treasure Loop Trail
Southern Arizona
  • Dusty trails, tumbleweeds and occasionally a dry desert environment, Southern Arizona is a playground of nature.
  • It is also home to high mountains and high elevation ranges.
Tanque Verde Waterfalls, Coronado National Forest
  • This trail features various panoramic views with terrains and waterfalls in the middle of the hike.
  • Do be careful of the slippery rocks.
As you move ahead, this trail passes through large boulders, and ultimately opens to a sandy beach!
Quite an impressive topography!
Echo Canyon Loop, Chiricahua National Monument
  • This trail is a beautiful combination of mountains, forested areas and a relatively easier hike.
You will come across stunning rock formations as you reach a forested area at the end of the hike.
Enjoy the greenery of the forest around!
Things to Keep in Mind while Hiking the Arizona
  • Arizona is dry, so always do carry a sunscreen, hat and water.
  • Keep yourself dehydrated always.
  • You may witness rattlesnakes on your hikes, do not bother them and they wont bother you!
Happy Hiking!!!