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Top Hiking Trails in Big Bear

Jenie Alex
Pack your backpacks for the  journey, and let your soul unleash the adventurer and wanderer within you.

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Merge your soul into the deep valleys and the nature paves the path for you to follow.
The Big Bear hiking trail is one such site for the wanderers and adventure seekers to relive your travel experience.
Big Bear City is on the shore of the Big Bear Lake in San Bernardino County and surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest, California.
It is one of the first mountain recreation area in South California, and was world's second bus line from San Bernardino to Big Bear Valley.
Another major attraction is the Natural hot spring, that led to the construction of the first major resort in 1921' Pan Hot Springs Hotel' , however it was extensively damaged by fire in 1933.
You need to have Adventure Pass for parking at U.S. Forest Service Trailheads.
If mountains speak to you, take your bike and explore mountain biking.
Adventure Passes are available at the Big Bear Discovery Center and the Big Bear Visitors Center.
Top 5 Hiking Trails in Big Bear Lake

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0.2 miles one-way trail begins from the City Hall. You can enjoy the protected wildlife, and the preserved historical buildings as major attractions.
Happy Hills Trails
Happy Hills Trails is among the easiest trails with fully fenced and paved path.
This is 1.5 mile loop. To enter this trail you would need the adventure pass/America the Beautiful pass. You can also take a self guided tour, or walk your dog.
Woodland Interpretive Trail
To know more about botany, geology and wildlife, explore the Woodland trail.
Towne Trail is a 2.5 mile loop. lt begins at Snow Summit base and extends up to Forest Service Road 2 No.8.
Towne Trail
Best time to visit is between March- November.
Pine knot is a 6 miles round trail and is an Intermediate level trekking trail. It begins at Aspen Glen Picnic Area, south of Mill Creek Road and extends along the Deer Group Camp.
Pine Knot Trail
Mountain bikers and hikers both can enjoy the breathtaking view of the forest as a panoramic scene.
5.5 miles the Cougar Crest Trail is located on the North Shore Drive and ends at the famous 2600 mile Pacific Crest Trail. Sprawling with wildlife and gaining altitude, is surely a visit to unleash the adventurer within you.
Cougar Crest Trail
As the mountains echo, so the nature whispers into your ears. Transport your soul away from the hustle and bustle of your urban lives. Relive the existence and splurge into nature's love!