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Top-Rated Hiking Trails in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Megha Dahake
Hanging Lake Trail is a 3 mile highly operated, off and rear trail, situated close to Glenwood Springs, Colorado, that has a lake and is regarded as temperate. It’s an awe-inspiring site and amongst the most famed in Colorado.
Hanging Lake Trail
With gigantic trees and an ever intensifying site, the extraordinary Boy Scout Tree Trail is a solo way path. It hikes rapidly through oaky underbrush and ascends up into high pines.
Boy Scout Trail
Glenwood Canyon is a picturesque 12.5 mi valley in western Colorado in the United States. A 3.2-mile horse-race trek, this track begins along Dotsero Warm Springs, at the east end of Glenwood Canyon.
Glenwood Canyon Overlook Trail
It is an uphill and rear trail and completes a 7-mile round-trip from foot to top. The trail is called as the Red Mountain Jeanne Golay Trail, titled in reverence to the Olympic road race bicycle champion.

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Red Mountain/Jeanne Golay Trail
The track projects take the trekkers to Linwood Cemetery, the cemetery of Glenwood’s pioneer populaces. The display of signs specifics John Henry “Doc” Holliday’s lifecycle and his concluding days in Glenwood Springs.
Doc Holliday Trail
The Grizzly Creek trail initiates in Glenwood Canyon and finishes 3.5 miles above. This gorgeous trek has loads of spots to take pleasure in river sights.
Grizzly Creek Trail
The trail goes along numerous cascades as it moves up the ravine. The trail is mainly employed for climbing, loping, touring, and is best utilized from May till October.
Jess Weaver Trail
The Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail is reachable from Glenwood Springs and a flawless spot to see biota, angle the shores, revel in with kinfolks and much more.
Glenwood Canyon Recreation Trail
The Rio Grande Trail is an expanded track beside the Rio Grande in the U.S. state of New Mexico. The Rio Grande has 42 miles of incessant multi-purpose path and is totally guarded from road traffic, apart from few connecting roads.
Rio Grande Trail
Transfer Trail is an Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) track situated north of Glenwood Springs. It routes adjacent to numerous tarns, comprising Haypress, Yellow, and Monument Lake.
Transfer Trail