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Top 9 Scuba Diving Sites of Utah

Meenakshi Sutar
Does underwater adventure fascinate you? Then, you would like to visit these top 9 scuba diving sites of Utah.
The natural freshwater lake with turquoise-blue water boasts beautiful views of surrounding mountains and scenic trails.
Bear Lake
Stretched by 109 miles, , Bear Lake is a perfect place for scuba diving. Divers and snorkelers can enjoy swimming with fish and aquatic life.
Located about 16 miles south of Wendover, Blue Lake is a popular geothermal pond that maintains the water temperature around 70 degrees.
Blue Lake
This 60-feet deep lake offers a unique diving experience with amazing views. It attracts scuba divers from all over the world.
Homestead Crater is a natural formation on the Midway Utah Resort caused by melting snow from the Wasatch Mountains soaked deep within the earth.
Homestead Crater
This stunning natural wonder with a natural geothermal spring maintains a constant temperature and has been a favorite spot of all divers and snorkelers
Known as ‘Seabase’, this spot forms a favorite spot for all scuba divers and snorkelers. It features a unique marine life that includes various species of fish and harmless nurse sharks.
Bonneville Seabase
Enjoy scuba diving in this 30-feet deep warm water. You can view carp fish here.
Camperworld Hot Springs
Deer Creek Reservoir is a scenic reservoir located in Heber Valley close to Wasatch Front. You can enjoy scuba diving while viewing various types of fish that include rainbow, brown trout, bass, walleye, and perch.
Deer Creek Reservoir
East Canyon Reservoir
Spread over 684 acres and 75-ft deep, the large East Canyon Reservoir attracts many divers and snorkelers. It also offers campgrounds to enjoy with family and friends.
Lake Powell
This largest reservoir in Utah stretched along 186 miles is popular as an aquatic playground in the desert. It features various types of aquatic life and has plenty of diving spots.
Sand Hollow
Scuba diving enthusiasts can also enjoy visiting this beautiful warm and blue water reservoir along with sandy beaches and red rock. It is also known for ATV trails through sand dunes to Sand Mountain.