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Top 5 Camping Spots Near Philadelphia

Azmin Taraporewala
Camping and caravanning - an attractive bait that anyone would fall for! Marinate this bait with a dollop of breakation (that's a portmanteau!), sprinkle some sunshine, and coat it with deep blue skies... and there - you surrender to the magic of camping in Philadelphia to experience the flavors of nature! By the way, give that a phone a break, too!

1. Wharton State Forest

At Wharton State Forest, you walk with nature... just so you receive so much more than you seek!

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Endowed with ample hiking trails, meandering rivers for fishing and canoeing, and 500 rugged miles to mountain bike or ride a horse -- it's but, a package deal!
Here, you also enjoy the tranquility of Mother Nature's work as your camp backdrop with owls hooting and hummingbirds chirping.

2. French Creek State Park

For those who want an absolute camping therapy, the French Creek State Park is your calling!

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Campers may have it all - boating, kayaking, fishing, orienteering, swimming, and an exciting 20-mile mountain-biking trail.
At the French Creek... live life, yurt size! A yurt is a round hut with a sharp East-Asian reminiscence. Find yourself with amenities, like a heater, fridge, bunk beds, a stove, and even a microwave (impressive, is it not?). Reserve one for a camp-fortable stay!

3. Hibernia County Park

A piece of heaven, Hibernia County Park is beauty personified. Encompassing 900 acres of trail runs, meadows, and woodlands, the Chambers lake, Birch run, and Brandywine Creek are kith and kin to one another.

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Stroll on the Rim trail - a 2.2 mile topographically mixed-terrain stretch catering to those with a penchant for walking. Placid walkers... don't get disheartened! The trails are friendly enough for you to relax and soak in the scene, too!
Head to the Birch Run trail that scuttles you through the forest to Chambers Lake. You may choose to go fishing, boating, or take to the quintessential picnicking!

4. Locust Lake State Park

If the soft burbles of water are music to your ears, the Locust Lake State Park awaits your presence. The park is quaint, serene, and clean.

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Gifted with exciting trails for hiking and biking, the park also boasts of an amphitheater! Go swimming, fishing, boating or just soak in the wilderness to your heart's content!

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5. Ricketts Glen State Park

If waterfalls make you feel alive, open your arms to the Ricketts Glen State Park. Yes, waterfalls might just be its middle name!

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Hold your breath... there are 22 waterfalls at the Falls trail - a 7.2 mile loop that hikers with abundant stamina will vouch for; however, to enjoy most waterfalls, only a 3.2 mile loop needs to be covered (I will survive!).

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Take a dip or go kayaking in Lake Jean, post the grilling adventure of climbing the trails. Grab a few waterfall clicks; you might need beautiful backdrops for your phone that was on R&R mode past few days... Remember!