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Top 7 Pier Fishing Spots in San Diego

Yogeshwari Bhor
Pier fishing is fun and a bit thrill as it would be surprising to see what size of fish is tricked by your fishing bait. Pier fishing makes casting distance into deeper water much easier to fish.

Ocean Beach Pier

This is the longest pier which is popular for fishing, sea lion sightings, sunset views and cafe shops. Get set to catch fishes like perch, mackerel, etc.

Crystal Pier

The best thing is you can plan your stay here. It’s a great lobster spot. Also you’ll find guitarfish, barred surfperch, corbina, walleye surfperch, and lots more.

Shelter Island Pier

You will find a lot of good restaurants here and a wide variety of fishes like mackerel, yellow-fin croaker, calico, and bat rays.

Imperial Beach Pier

This pier has best ocean views and great fishing options. You’ll find small barracuda, anglers target bonito, mackerel or white seabass at the end of the pier.

Embarcadero Marina Park Pier

This is a lesser known fishing spot. The artificial reef nearby, draws some quality fishes like bonito, mackerel and small barracuda, etc.

Coronado Ferry Landing Pier

This is one of the secret fishing spots. The fishes like perch, croakers, rays, sharks, spotted bay bass, mackerel and bonito are found here.

Oceanside Pier

The pier is 1,942 feet long and is a famous tourist spot. A variety of fishes like corbina, perch, croaker, bonito and mackerel, etc., are found.

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Right time to Pier Fishing

  • Dawn and dusk are the peak times for pier fishing.
  • Two hours before high tide and two hours after high tide would be the best time.

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Fishing Gear

  • Tackle box, bucket, small cooler
  • Hooks, bait and lures  
  • Fishing rods, lines
  • Weights/sinkers
  • Fishing pliers, scissors, knifes
  • Picnic chair, hats

For Your Information

  • Every state has its own regulations when it comes to fishing license, permits and day passes.
  • Do check the conservation page of the place you’re planning to pier fish.