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Unique Tennessee Campgrounds to Explore

With mountain-views of Gatlinburg and Great Smoky, Tennessee is the best place to visit with your friends and gusto the epic campground. Create happy memories and, don't forget to click pictures.
Shivangi Mujumdar
Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area
An untouched green patch between Lake Kentucky and Lake Barkley is a delight for nature lovers. These gorgeous wetlands can be best enjoyed by hiking and cycling. Check out the water sports here. 
Cummins Falls State Park
Visit the pristine waterfalls surrounded by the scenic forest as you tread the woodland. On the way you will find chirping birds, streams and boulders. Swim in the refreshing waters or just lie down in the lap of nature.
A scenic transport hub with a history of the American Civil War filled with plentiful outdoor activities. Surrounded by beautiful ridges and nearby mountains, it is one of the best places for mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking.
Crooked Creek
You will find this campground on the Tennessee River. This is a peaceful escape far from hustle and bustle of the city.
Clarksville RV Park
This campground is another exciting place that will keep you hitched to Tennessee. It is the best place where you must spend overnight after hectic traveling.
Creek Falls State Park
It is said to be the largest one located encompassing more than 26,000 acres. You will fall in love with lush forests and streams with waterfalls that gives a picturesque view.
Fish Trails
In the heart of Appalachia, Fish Trails offers wide range of camping options. It is the best place to explore nature closely. Laurel Creek Trail which is another popular campground is located at the top of it.
Shadrack Campground
The mountains here are beautiful with the clean environment that gives much needed relaxation. On its route there are many stores to get your supplies so enjoy shopping as well.
A Walden’s Creek
For a perfect family getaway, A Walden’s Creek is an ideal destination. This spot is perfect for hiking, biking and picnic.
Fall Hallow Campground
This place is located in the lovely town called Hohenwald in Tennessee. It has a diverse natural landscape. Here you can enjoy walking on the trails, waterfalls, and watch birds while bringing out the adventurer in you.
Happy Camping!