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Why You Should Plan a Camping Trip to Black Hills, South Dakota

Vineetha Rao Suravajjala
The Black Hills, the pine covered hills that stand tall amid the grasslands in South Dakota, have always been a popular hiking spot for adventure seekers and hikers for a long time now.
With several popular camping grounds and hiking trails that pepper these hills, the Black Hills offer gorgeous sceneries, views of sprawling meadows and glittering blue lakes, that make a hike here well worth it!

When to Visit

Summer is a popular time to visit the Black Hills, with families flocking the many campgrounds that dot them, making this the peak season to visit these forests and badlands.
As the weather gets warmer, the Black Hills get increasingly popular, and the Memorial Day Weekend is one of the most popular times to visit here.

The Appeal

The biggest appeal to visiting the Black Hills is the gorgeous views of forested hills and canyons, that are filled with wilderness, all explorable with miles and miles of trails.

Mount Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located at the centre of the Black Hills in Keystone, and is a sculpture of Presidents George Washington,Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Recreational Activities and More

A whole host of recreational activities are a part of the greater appeal of the Black Hills. Various campgrounds offer a variety of things to do, including fishing, hunting, hiking and even climbing.

American Indian Sacred Sites

...which are an important part of the Black Hills has also drawn a significant number of hikers over the years. Because of their cultural importance, they are considered sacred and are even on the National Register for Historic Places.

Special Events

There are over 16 national parks in the Black Hills and Badlands, that host several special events, planning a trip here, is as easy as figuring out what activity to do and finding the best campground to do it.


Because you can explore the beauty of the Black Hills both by foot and by car, plan ahead to do either with the right passes and permits, which can be booked in advance.


Make sure you get a reservation ahead of time, on a campground of your choosing, so you have a good site to set up your tent in!

Getting There

A three and a half hour drive from the capital city of South Dakota, Black Hills are a mere 200 miles west of the city. Alexa, where is my tent?