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Zip Lining in Texas – Your Ticket to Incredible Scenery

Chaitra Suraj Saxena
Zip lining gives you the thrill of flying without wings. It is exhilarating to wear a harness and whoosh through tree tops, over the mountains and into the beautiful sunset. Zip lining in Texas is quite popular and you will find various places where you can have a great time with your family and friends.

Longest Zip Line on Travis Lake

Nothing can beat the view you get when you go zip lining with Lake Travis Zipline Adventure. It is located 30 minutes outside of Austin.

At this facility, you will find 5 different zip lines and one of them is the longest in the state.
Last mile of every zip line takes you over the beautiful Lake Travis. For those who do not have the heart for zip lining, they can take a 3-hour guided tour through the hills.

Criss-Cross Zip Lines near Jacksonville

Adrenaline Rush Zip Line Tours is located close to the town of Jacksonville. Here, you will find one of the longest zip lines in Texas, along with others that cross over each other.
So, you might as well see your friends crossing over/below you as you zip through beautiful treetops and ponds. Zip lining in Texas cannot get any better than this.

Treetop Zip Lining in Plano

Plano is full of large trees that make for exhilarating treetop canopies. Go Ape Zipline and Treetop Adventure offers its guests 39 breath taking crossings on their famous treetop excursions.
Here the course is divided into 5 sections and is self-guided. You will need 2-3 hours to explore everything.

Zip Lining and a Tree House Stay in Spicewood

Cyprus Valley Canopy Tours offers 6 zip lines and a canopy challenge course to its guests. Nature loving groups and families can also opt to stay in beautiful tree houses on the property.
Here, you zip line 40 feet above the ground, through beautiful cypress trees. The view from the top makes zip lining in Texas definitely worth a try.

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Highest Zip Lines in Texas with a 30-mile View

New York, Texas Zip Line Adventure is the highest elevation zip line in east Texas.

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It offers an exhilarating 30-mile view from the top and lets you choose between a 9-zip line and a 6-zip line tour.

Night Zip lining in Nacogdoches

Zip Nac offers a thrilling canopy and zip line tour in the beautiful Nachodoches.
The most exciting thing about this facility is zip lining at night and there are also themes on special days like Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.

Texans love this zip lining facility for its finale, where 900-foot cables have been put side by side, making it an ideal set up for racing.

Zip Lining Close to Natural Caverns Near San Antonio

Natural Bridge Caverns is located close to San Antonio.
It is a natural cavern attraction with a beautiful zip line course. It is also known as Canopy Zip lines and has 4 lines with multiple platforms on the way. When you are done whooshing through the skies here, you can also explore Texas’ largest underground cave.

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Zip Lining Side by Side in Cedar Creek

Zip Lost Pines is another of the wonderful zip line experiences you can have in Texas.

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It is located in Cedar Creek and has 6 zip lines and 3 suspension bridges that have been setup side by side.

Here, you will be guided by trained professionals as you zip, side by side with your family and friends.
So, now that you know there are so many wonderful facilities where you can go zip lining in Texas, go take a leap of faith and treat yourself to some adrenaline rush.